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Learn how to find freight density

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  • Use density to calculate freight class.

    Freightquote has developed a density calculator you can use as a guide to determine a shipment's freight class.

    Density is one factor used to calculate freight class. It's based on the shipment's dimensions and weight. A shipment with a lower density typically has a higher freight classification. Try our freight density calculator to see for yourself.

    Get density

    Once you have the estimated density, use our freight class calculator chart below to find the recommended class for your shipment.

    Less than 1
    class 400
    1 but less than 2
    class 300
    2 but less than 4
    class 250
    4 but less than 6
    class 150
    6 but less than 8
    class 125
    8 but less than 10
    class 100
    10 but less than 12
    class 92.5
    12 but less than 15
    class 85
    Over 15 = class 70

    Are you ready to get a quote now? Our freight rate calculator will automatically generate your freight class during the instant quote process when you enter the shipment’s dimensions and weight.

    If you have questions about how to use the density calculator or otherwise determine the freight class of your shipment, a Freightquote Account Representative can help.
    Simply call 800-323-5441 for assistance.